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Having your portraits done is a very big deal and you'll want to show up looking your absolute best. Here are some tips on how to do just that!



First of all, I just want to encourage you not to compare yourself to anyone else!  My goal is to capture YOU; the beauty inside of you, who you are as a person, how you relate to others, what you love and the things that make you unique! Don't expect or even desire your session to be exactly like anyone else's. I want you to feel carefree and look forward to a fun, relaxed time. You won't need to worry about posing. I will be directing you throughout the entire session on how to sit or stand, where to look, when to smile, when not to, etc.


"Beauty is being the best version of yourself on the inside and out, caring more about the positive effect you have on others than about their effect on you."





First thing to consider is whether or not you'd like to have your hair done professionally. I'd highly recommend this! You're investing a lot of time, energy and resources into this day. Consider how you'd prepare if you were headed to the prom or another important event in your life and do the same or more to prepare for this photo session. You'll want to do a test run with the hairdresser of your choice to make sure they understand your vision and are on the same page with you. 


Outdoor and studio lighting tend to wash makeup out, giving your features less depth in photographs so you'll want to apply blush, eyeshadow, and mascara a touch heavier for your photo session than you would on a normal day. If you don't normally wear lipstick you'll still want to use a very subtle lipliner and a touch of chap stick or gloss. Don't go overboard with the mascara. We'll be getting some close-ups of your eyes and you don't want your eyelashes to look clumpy. Look for a Mascara that has a primer and final coat. Do NOT wear false eyelashes as they tend to weigh down the eyelids and make eyes appear droopy or half closed.



Plan ahead:

Don't wait until the day of your session to apply make up for the first time. Look up some tutorials and experiment ahead of time to find the look that fits you. You might also want to have professional make up applied the day of your shoot.  Plan ahead though and remember that these professionals will be booked if you wait too long!



If you have oily skin, you'll want to apply a powder finish or you may choose to use oil absorbing wipes to clear away excess shine during the shoot. I can usually find these in the acne care section of any drugstore. No need to worry about breakouts though! All sessions include retouching. Your skin will be edited to look natural and flawless! You'll want to make sure your skin isn't dry; applying a good layer of moisturizer, including arms and legs.



Start planning now! Brainstorm about what you feel most beautiful & true to yourself wearing. You'll have the option of more than just one outfit so I'd recommend choosing at least one dress as well as a couple of more casual everyday outfits. This adds variety and interest to your session. NEUTRAL colors are my favorite because they compliment a variety of surroundings and never distract from the subject. Use color in small doses such as with blouses and jewelry. If you're unsure of what to bring, feel free to bring several outfits and we'll choose the best options together. I've created a PINTEREST BOARD HERE to give you some ideas. You might want to create your own as well.





Think through the entire outfit, including belts, jewelry, hats, shoes and other accessories. Make sure to iron your outfits in order to look polished and prepared. The wrinkles WILL show.


Wear fitted shorts underneath:

For quick changes & modesty during the session, you'll want to have a pair of thin, fitted shorts on underneath dresses so you'll feel comfortable bending & moving around as well as not worrying about whether or not the wind kicks up! 


Fingers, Nails and Toes:

Clean and polish nails, both fingers and toes(clear polish is fine). Just make sure you don't have chipped polish because your nails WILL show. Choose a ring with special meaning or one that shows your style. This also adds interest.


Emily could've simply chosen plain jeans and this cute white tank but, instead, she's showing more of her personality by adding a stylish belt and necklace. what a difference it makes! 



Layer your outfits to add depth, texture, and personality. Once you've chosen your main outfit pieces, think about what you can pair them with to step it up a little.




Props make a great addition to your photo session but are not required. Their purpose is to tell us a little more about you & your interests. You don't need to bring a prop to represent each hobby or interest in your life though. Just choose one or two of your favorites. Some examples include; musical instruments, flowers, sporting equiptment, books, etc. Feel free to get creative! The main thing is letting me know AHEAD OF TIME so I can plan an appropriate setting or backdrop for these items.



I can make a floral headpiece for your hair upon request with whatever flowers are in season in my yard


Pill balls and pet hair:

Make sure your clothes are in good shape! Clothes that have pill balls can be cleaned up and made new with a sweater shaver (found at Walgreens). Use a lint roller to remove lint and pet hair from clothing.


Bring walking shoes:

We may need to walk a little to access a unique & beautiful location so make sure you're prepared and have a pair of shoes that are comfortable & can get dirty. You can change into your less practical, more attractive shoes once we get to our spot. 



Glasses can be worn for your session as long as they aren't "transition" lenses (the ones that turn dark in the sun). You'll need to be aware that in some of the shots you might have a glare on the lens, although I try to avoid this. Also, consider taking some of your pictures without them so you can see your entire face and because over time, frame styles will change.




While some of my vision for your session comes from planning boards and brainstorming, the biggest inspiration I'll have will be seeing you show up looking amazing, your true personal best. You wouldn't be motivated to photograph a flower when it was faded and decaying. The same is true of people. I am at my best when you are at yours


If you have any other questions about how to prepare, please feel free to CONTACT me. I'd be happy to help!