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Having your senior portraits done is a very big deal and you'll want to show up looking your absolute best, even if you're doing it just for mom :) Here are some tips on how to do just that!



I realize that most guys are not super excited about having their picture taken. I always keep this in mind and try to make this a fun, laid back experience for you. No need to worry about posing. I'll be giving you lots of direction; guiding you on how to sit or stand, where to look, and when to smile. 



You'll have the option to wear more than just one outfit so choose a few different looks that best represent you all around. You'll probably want to bring at least one dressier outfit (how dressy is up to you). Some guys like to wear a suit, some just a collared shirt and tie, and some just a collared shirt is about as dressy as they get. Whatever best suits your style works for me. Choose colors that don't clash with the outdoor scenery; such as greys, khaki, denim blue, navy, burgundy, black. White does not photograph very well, leaving you looking washed out so it's best to avoid it.


Its also best not to wear white t-shirts underneath your collared shirts. Grey works well. Make sure and try things on together before coming to your session and take a glance in the mirror. Do you have logos showing through? Is it a bad color combination? If so, reevaluate.


Iron & remove lint & pet hair:

All outfits should be ironed and set aside on hangers for the day of your session. Please don't skip this step! The wrinkles WILL show. Also, remove any lint and pet hair that may have attached itself to your clothing.

Skin & facial hair:

Make sure to be clean shaven and moisturize your skin. Stubble will show in your photographs. If you've grown a full beard and that's the look you're going for then great! 



No need to worry about acne breakouts! Even serious ones. All sessions include retouching. You're skin will be flawlessly edited to look natural and ready for presentation.



Think about your hobbies or work and choose something you'd like to include that tells a little more about who you are. This is not required but adds interest to your session.


You can wear glasses during your session as long as they aren't the transition lenses (the kind that turn dark in the sun). Just keep in mind that some of your shots may have a glare on the lenses, although I try to avoid this. Consider having some of your photos taken without them, showing more of your face.  Frame styles will change and you'll be glad to have a variety of looks.



The sessions that turn out the best are the ones that have had some effort, planning, and preparation put into them so make sure to show up looking your personal best!